Best gift ideas for father’s day

Best gift ideas for father’s day

Best gift ideas for father’s day. Father’s day 2015 arrived. It sure can be tough to choose the right gift. Easy way would be to pick some funny custom coffee mug, but that’s not unique isn’t it? Father is the one who taught you some of the very important things so you would want to give something showing the effort in return. It would be perfect to surprise him with something you made it yourself, but not everybody is talented nor creative enough. Father is man, and like most of the men he is still a boy who wants to play with toys. Only, toys for men are gadgets, mostly electronic gadgets. We’re here to help you select one of the hot trending electronic gadget gifts that will make your father very happy.

Xiaomi Ants Xiaoyi Smart Camera

Xiaomi Ants Xiaoyi Smart Camera can be placed anywhere you need. Installation within 1 min. Connect the power supply; Download Xiaomi smart home APP (also support the “small ant Camera” or “Xiaomi router” APP); Automatically connect. Local storage; Permanent free. Playback at any time, edit your videos. In addition to real-time viewing, you can insert a Micro SD (TF) memory card to store data. Perfect fit for Xiaomi router, you can record video directly on the router 1TB hard drive. Avoid the loss of privacy, but also avoid additional charges which stores in the cloud service brings.

Original Xiaomi Yi Sports Action Camera

The Original Xiaomi Yi Sports Action Camera comes with 16 million pixel Sony Exmor Image Sensor, WiFi and Bluetooth Connectivity with Remote control and easy social media sharing for your video action. The Yi Action Cam, as is also mentioned in one of the reviews, is not intended to compete against GoPro’s flagship models. While it does give them a run for their money, Xiaomi is able to offer such an awesomely priced camera by not offering the most cutting edge features (4K) and mostly unnecessary bells and whistles such as optional screens and batteries.

Original Xiaomi Mi Mini Wifi Wireless Router

Original Xiaomi MI Mini – Router 3 times faster then traditional routers with ghost mode supported The Xiaomi Mini Router is designed mostly for mobile use. However, packed with a pair of LAN ports you could use it: at home to split wired connections; in a crowded entertainment or office It’s powered by MediaTek’s MT7620A SoC — so you may even be able to load DDWRT onto the Wi-Fi Mini, and it has a whopping 128MB of RAM. It packs a 2×2 dual-channel 802.11AC router into an incredibly small and attractive package.

Original Xiaomi MI WiFi Wireless Router

Original Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Wireless Router is a media server and is powered by a Broadcom dual core A9 processor clocking at 1 GHz, coupled with 256 MB of DDR3 RAM and also has 1 TB of hard drive for storage. This device acts as a Smart home center that controls home appliances, TV’s, Audio devices, AC’s, IP cameras, lights etc. Large built-in 1TB HDD / Remote Access Photos Video / offline download / automatic backup Download 1000 Full HD movies with Xiaomi routers, store 40000 lossless music, or put 100,000 RAW format photo album to set up your server.

Xiaomi Mi Headphones

Super sized 50mm beryllium diaphragm speakers Main Features: – 25% larger than other regular headphones. – 32-ohm impedance, perfect for on-the-go – Silver-plated straight cable. – Low interference, high fidelity. – Semi-open acoustic structure. – Interchangeable ear covers. – Balanced dual damping system

Xiaomi iHealth Blood Pressure Monitoring Smart Health Device

Xiaomi iHealth Blood Pressure Monitoring Smart health device – Monitor your blood pressure level – Track and record your blood pressure level – Analyze your blood pressure level using iHealth app Xiaomi blood pressure monitor is easy to use and meets all the necessary professional medical standards and certifications. The app, customized for Xiaomi, tracks blood pressure, heart rate, average pulse and more on a real-time chart, then make recommendations for improvement.

Xiaomi Mi Band Fitness monitor Sleep tracker

Mi Band – Wrist Band that monitors your fitness and tracks your sleep. Featuring the industry’s most power-efficient Bluetooth chip and accelerometer, the Mi Band can be powered for 30 days on one charge, and also doubles up as an alarm clock. Monitor your activity levels, track walking distance and calculate calories burnt. Achieve daily exercise targets you set and work towards a healthier lifestyle! Rest well, rest easy. Measure the length and quality of your sleep. Get action plans from the Mi Band app to improve sleep quality based on data about your deep and light sleep cycles.
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