The difference between real vs fake Xiaomi Mi power banks

The difference between real vs fake Xiaomi Mi power banks

The difference between real vs fake Xiaomi Mi power banks. Xiaomi is emerging as an industry leader in the tech world — the specs, build quality and low price range are giving the company unprecedented momentum while gaining more and more attention worldwide. However, such popularity has its draw-backs, such as cheap imitations. With Xiaomi, this trend of fakes is so widespread that on today’s market there are more fake power banks than there are originals. Since fake Xiaomi power banks are quite similar to the original ones, we’ve created a quick checklist that should help you identify the imposter:

1. Exterior


Genuine – there are two types of packaging:
  • Directly packaged into white cardboard boxes
  • Packaged into a white envelope with special hard plastic cover over it, which is delicate and does not tear easily.
Fake – usually packed into a simple white envelope which can be very easily torn.


Genuine – The genuine Xiaomi’s power bank casing sports a sandblasted shell with a carefully crafted “Mi” logo. The logo is printed in light grey and has a fine texture that can be felt when passing your finger over it. Fake – The fake Xiaomi power bank’s casing is usually not sandblasted properly (if done at all!). The “Mi” logo is printed in a darker colour and unclear.

USB ports

Genuine – Interior colour of USB ports is rice white. Fake – The two USB ports either have a different colour or are plain white.

LED lights

Genuine – The LED lights are of even colour due to having a sheet of white shading paper. Fake – Fake Xiaomi power bank will have no shading paper so LED lights are not of even colour as the beam light just shines out directly.

Text printed on bottom of product

Genuine – The print is light, clear and high quality. Fake – Dark and blurry print.

USB cable

Genuine – Interior of USB ports is black and white colour cable doesn’t have an imprinted Mi logo. Fake – Interior of USB ports is white and cable has an imprinted Mi logo.

2. Functionality

LED Lights when charging

Genuine – When charging the genuine Xiaomi power bank, all four lights turn off when you press and hold the power button. Once you release the button, the lights come back up and the power banks continues with the charging. Fake – It doesn’t mater if you repeatedly press and hold the fake Xiaomi Power banks’s power button – the lights will not react.


Genuine – When connected, the genuine product immediately starts charging the device. Fake – Doesn’t have this function, the charging starts only when you press the power button.

Short circuit and I/O ports test

Genuine – If you plug the USB cable in the main charging port and the micro USB port simultaneously (create a short circuit), the LED lights will not turn on. Fake – On the fake Xiaomi power bank, LED lights will light up and show that it is charging even if it is short circuited.

3. Internal structure


Genuine – Uses LG, Samsung and other internationally branded batteries which are connected to the mother board using nickel plates. Fake – Uses China-branded or counterfeit brands’ batteries which are connected to the mother board with normal wires.


There are many fake Xiaomi power banks out there, so you have to be careful when deciding to buy one. Apart from using aforementioned methods to inspect the authenticity of Xiaomi power banks, have in mind that the original comes in only three capacities: If you spot a Xiaomi power bank that shows a different capacity, beside the three mentioned above, you will instantly know that you’re holding a fake one. You can watch a video tutorial on performing the check here:
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