Tips for personalizing your iPhone case

Tips for personalizing your iPhone case

Tips for personalizing your iPhone case. Buying a pre-done iPhone case is always an option, especially if you don’t have time or just don’t care about it. But, if you want to be creative with your iPhone case you can design your own. Difference in the price may be quite big. For around $40 you can buy customizable iPhone case were they’ll print out the design on a durable and elegant case which will offer you that unique look you’ve been searching for.

Customize your iPhone case

If you really want to save money and be creative with your design there are a lot of tips on how to personalize your iPhone case. We’ll go through some of the most popular and practical DIY ways to get the job done. I know when thinking of customizing your iPhone case the first thing that pop up in your mind is “I’m not that creative, don’t have craft or where can I find the right material etc.”, but this is just finding the reasons not to try. It is actually quite simple once you start doing it.

First things first, what iPhone case should I choose for customization?

Most logical answer would be clear case so you can print n it add glitter or fabric and much much more. OK, now lets go through the list of the stuff you’ll need to get started. What you’ll definitely need is case, adhesive in spray or rubber cement or some other glue type of adhesive, optionally you want to have glitter, markers and pens, laser printer paper and a lot of imagination!


Measure it twice before making any cutting moves. You’ll want to make sure that case has enough room for fabric. Start with the idea, visualize it in your head on or paper than proceed with execution. You should have the general idea in which direction would you want to go, elegant, minimal or shiny and girly, next choose the right fabric and the right pattern/color. If you’re using template make sure that you print your design only. The outline indicates the location where you should make the cut but be careful because everything depends on which model oh iPhone you’re using. Anyway, don;t go close to the edges, give yourself a room for mistake.


By now you already have the idea on how your unique-right-to-brag iPhone case will look like. Whether you’re using your on hand or some application to drew the masterpiece you’re ready to start. Some of additional stuff you may not have think of that might be interesting to try out are: glitter glue, color markers and cutouts from all kind of different magazines books or any other material you can find. The main thing is – be creative.

Making the cut

Using knife or scissors cut around the edges previously drawn out by marker or pencil. Leave a bit space in case you made a mistake, don\’t worry, you’ll still need to trim it afterward. Pay closer attention to the wholes for camera and charger, they can be tricky sometimes. And, don’t forget that if you’re experimenting with the front end you can affect the color of your screen.

Glue it together

Using adhesive you’ll need to coat the front side evenly. Do it in safe place, preferably outside because a lot of adhesive can be toxic. Next, press it firmly and trow out the leftovers and keep it pressed for a little while.


Dry the case before using it. Let it dry and form a firm form before touching it, at leas a day or two if possible. Than, install your masterpiece on your iPhone and go outside – it’s bragging time. If you want to see how its actually done take a look at this video of amazing girl doing it perfectly.
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