What is Zorook?

Zorook is a modern-day online shop that specializes in sourcing and delivering the latest gadgets and accessories for your smartphones and tablets. We’re constantly researching the market to bring you new products and complement our current portfolio.

By dealing directly with the manufacturers we have quick access to the latest accessories, usually before they hit the market. So make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to stay ahead of the curve.

How do we select our merchandise?

All items sourced by Zorook’s team have to pass our quality control check, to make sure you, our clients get premium quality items.

What payment options to we accept?

Zorook accepts two payment options – by direct bank transfer or PayPal.

When can you expect the package to be delivered?

Zorook is partnering with global leaders in package delivery. We’re currently looking into opening some new delivery channels that should shorten the delivery time, drastically. Until then, our packages should be with you in 10 business days, after payment has been received.

Is it possible for me to cancel my order and what would be the procedure of doing it?

a. Before customer pays for its item order can be canceled in any moment.
b. If the payment transaction is finished, customer can still cancel its order by simply sending us an E-mail with all details of purchased model, explanation why he wants to cancel the purchase and its contact information.
c. Also, order can be canceled without any additional charges while order is still in a possession of Zorook and until the order or request for its delivery is not processed.

Can I order and buy an item from your web site from any country?

No, Zorook can only accept and ship orders to USA and countries that are part of the EU.

Can you deliver in small towns and villages?

Zorook can deliver on every address in the USA and the EU.

Are there any additional costs other than those that I see when confirming the order?

There are no additional costs – in the cost of your order are automatically calculated all expenses and they are also clearly stated on your screen so you can see them when placing and confirming the order.

Can I personally come and take over my order?

There is no possibility for client to come personally and pick up the order he placed on Zorook web site.