Xiaomi accessories and products review

Xiaomi accessories and products review

Py they’re third largest smartphone manufacturer and distributor. Beside smartphones Xiaomi develops and designs variety of consumer electronics and mobile apps. Below you can find and read a bit more about some of the most popular consumer electronics products and other Xiaomi accessories.

Xiaomi Ants Xiaoyi Smart Camera

Smart camera automatically switch to smart security mode when you leave home. At any time you can connect via app to the Smart Camera and have visual. Once something unusual happens Xiaomi Smart Camera immediately begins recording and notification is sent your way. It has 4x digital zoom and 110° wide-angle lens. Installation within 1 min. Local storage; Permanent free. Playback at any time, edit your videos.

Original Xiaomi Yi Sports Camera

Universal waterproof pouch design provides protection for keys, ID, credit cards, cash, MP3’s, phones, and more from water damage. Composed of a highly-durable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material, which protects against water, dust, dirt, grease, scratches and bumps. Ultra Clear-film material allows full touch screen access and button control functionality as well as the ability to take photos while the pouch is still equipped.

Original Xiaomi MI WiFi Wireless Router

Original Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Wireless Router is a media server and acts as a Smart home center that controls home appliances, TV’s, Audio devices, AC’s, IP cameras, lights etc. Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Wireless Router connects devices automatically via NFC (Near Field communication) just by tapping them to the router. The device supports the remote app with the Android and iOS devices. The Wireless Router has user programmable smart rules for handling and controlling all the home appliances easily.

Original Xiaomi Mi Mini Wifi Wireless Router

Original Xiaomi MI Mini – Router 3 times faster then traditional routers with ghost mode supported. It packs a 2×2 dual-channel 802.11AC router into an incredibly small and attractive package. Fine and exquisite shape of “Magic Trackpad”. Xiaomi router will blend in perfectly with your stylish and modern interior design.

Xiaomi iHealth Blood Pressure Monitoring Smart Health Device

Xiaomi iHealth Blood Pressure Monitoring Smart health device, an Electronic sphygmomanometer monitors your blood pressure level, track and record your blood pressure level and analyze your blood pressure level using iHealth app. Compatible with Xiamo Redmi, Redmi 1S, Redmi NoteR and Redmi Note 4G.

Xiaomi Mi Band Fitness monitor Sleep tracker

Xiaomi Mi Band Fitness monitor Sleep tracker monitors your activity levels, track walking distance and calculate calories burnt. Achieve daily exercise targets you set and work towards a healthier lifestyle! Rest well, rest easy. Measure the length and quality of your sleep.

Xiaomi MI Power Bank 16000 mAh

A sleek and elegant aluminum surrounding same as that of MacBook Pro. Optimized for charging efficiency. Up to 93% conversion rate. Compatible with a spectrum of devices. Automatically adjust its output level based on the connected device.

Xiaomi MI Power Bank 10400 mAh

Beautifully textured vibrant aluminum casing surrounds dual battery cell technology. Little waste of battery power. Safer chips improve charging conversion rate and stabilize discharging voltage to optimize efficiency and durability. The Power Bank is built with safety, protection and efficiency in mind.

Xiaomi MI Power Bank 5200 mAh

The water and corrosion-resistant surface is rigidly designed for everyday use. Optimized for charging efficiency. Up to 85% conversion rate. Compatible with a spectrum of devices. Being only 9.9 mm in thickness, you can easily put it in your pocket.

Original Xiaomi Bluetooth Dual Shock Gamepad

DualShock Vibration feedback design gives you a riveting gaming experience. Ergonomically designed for your comfort and easy control. Plug-and-play: easy installation with no software required.
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