Xiaomi iHealth Blood Pressure Monitor Review

Xiaomi iHealth Blood Pressure Monitor Review

Xiaomi iHealth Blood Pressure Monitor Review

Xiaomi iHealth Blood Pressure Monitor Review. iHealth Blood Pressure Monitor – Monitor your blood pressure level, track and keep record of your blood pressure level (multiple users allowed) and analyze your blood pressure level using iHealth app.


iHealth Blood Pressure Monitor is easy to use due to user friendly interface and also meets all necessary medical standards.


No matter where are you at the moment, you can always know your health status or of your family members. The measurement results will be automatically synchronized to the application. What’s more, this device can also set reminders of measuring time, which lets tracking of your blood pressure level very convenient and simple.

Interpretation of the data

During the measurement of your blood pressure, iHealth can track changes in your blood pressure, diastolic and systolic blood pressure, hearth rate, pulse and can reflect your mood changes. Charts displayed after the measurement are very easy to comprehend and additionally recommendations for improvement will be shown according to the results displayed in charts.


Perfect compatibility with iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod) as well as Redmi smartphones.


Battery capacity is at 400mAh which translate to approximately one month of usage of three measurements per day.


Xiaomi iHealth Blood Pressure Monitor provides more accurate results compared to traditional blood pressure monitors. Testing standards used are in line with sphygmomanometer evaluation criteria ESH2010 standards and adopts the U.S. AAMI SP-10 and the European EN1060-4 standards. Measurement accuracy is rating excellent by “Consumer Reports”, American authoritative evaluation magazine.  

Video Review

Model Electronic sphygmomanometer, a portable host and cuff composed
Compatiable Redmi Redmi 1S Redmi NoteR Redmi Note 4G
Structure 5V
Range Sphygmomanometer range is 0kPa ~ 40kPa (0mmHg ~ 300mmHg)
Resolution Display resolution is 0.133kPa (1mmHg)
Pressure sensor accuracy Range in any measurement point , the maximum error of cuff pressure measurement is ± 0.4kPa (± 3mmHg)
Pulse rate measurement range 40 times / min ~ 180 times / min
Pulse rate indication error ± 5%, when Pulse rate values>60 (including 60) ± 3 beats/min, when Pulse rate value
Size 115mm * 115mm * 66.5mm
Cuff range 22cm-30cm, 30cm-42cm
Package 1 x iHealth
Weight 700g
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