Xiaomi Mi Box Pro Enhanced Review

Xiaomi Mi Box Pro Enhanced Review

Xiaomi Mi Box Pro Enhanced Review Overview. Popularity of 4K TVs is rising and Xiaomi is following the trend by releasing its own 4K TV box – Mi Box Pro. Technical specifications are on the new level, comparing it to previous models. Processor is now quad core with 2.0GHz, memory is up to 2GB ad eMMC storage is now 4GB with external card support 64GB.


Packaging is yellow colored as previous model, with simple and clear logo on front side and the product specifications on the back side. Opening the box we see power adapter and HDMI cable, remote controller, warrant and manual. The Mi Pro Box enhanced has a new surface texture material, giving it that smooth feeling, not like the old model’s polyester plastic bottom which can be easily scratched. Other noticeable differences between old model is that the new one is lighter and thinner as well as a bit more rounded. Infrared receiver on front is addition as well as standard USB port and Micro SD card slot.


Hardware change is one of the main differences with Xiaomi Box Pro enhanced edition, it uses Amlogic S802 processor with TSMC 29nm HPM process on Cortex-A9 quad core, where single core frequency is up to 2GHz. GPU is upgraded to the octa core Mali-450. 2GB dual-channel RAM and 4GM eMMc storage as we mentioned above, and Box Pro support dual-frequency AC network so it running speed will be significantly faster and more stable.


There’s no big difference in user interface, its still the same design and form. Setting is a bit different since its the different version (1.3.35d). Video output is up to 30GHz refresh rate for resolution of 3840×2160 px which is more than enough for 4K TV users today.

Additional functions and experience

Mi Box Pro enhanced supports third party app which can greatly enhance experience. HD function is much better and stronger, from visiting mobile devices to history listing and easy access to download folder. The play is resource intensive as it uses M802 which can;t decode the 4K videos with H265 formats. While the quad core processor with Mali 450GPU have strong performance the test is showing that it can run multiple tasks with ease due to improvements on enhanced edition.


With appearance optimization as well as configuration, hardware and user interface the 4K Mi Pro Box TV is an excellent choice. Performance improvement is unquestionable, only lack is its gaming experience which can be much better and has a lot of room for improvement.
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