Xiaomi piston earphones review

Xiaomi Piston Earphones Review

Xiaomi Piston Earphones Review

Xiaomi Piston Earphones Review. Xiaomi released Xiaomi Piston Earphones to new markets recently. They market it as a premium quality earphones and they are retailed at lower price tag than competitor’s same range quality earphones. Like every other Xiaomi product, good to excellent quality for below market prices, Xiaomi earphones shouldn’t be an exception. We wanted to to see if they meet the standards set out by previous Xiaomi gadgets. We were interested and eager to find out wheather $30.00 earphones sound as good as the deal. Enough with introduction let’s get to the review.

Box and Carrying Case

Carrying case is made entirely out of plastic, its minimalistic design says style and premium. Fine defined edges, simple yet quality looking cover, every little thing is being thought-through to be presentable in a most elegant way. Now, when I think of it, it can definitely be used as a gift box itself. Inside the box a square rubber housing is holding carefully packed earphones, control module and jack.


Kevlar braided cords are the first thing you would (at least I did) notice about the Xiaomi Piston earphones. They should be tangle-free, and they are. The downside is that the braided cords are not all the way up to the pieces. Exterior texture design is plastic free, giving them that premium look. Earpieces boast a perfectly cut aluminium casing that contributes a solid heft and sturdiness to the overall feel of the audio accessory. On the other hand, they are not built for extreme conditions use such as sport activities due to the fact that they tend to absorb liquid into the braided part of the cable. This may not be an issue for most of the users but it is still a downside. Three different size ear pieces are removable and replaceable.


Given the price of these earphones many of those who buy them would expect superb sound quality. The Mi earphones uses beryllium diaphragms that is said to allow for better low bass and a high treble performance. You would get that out of earphones that cost at least twice the price of these Pistons – one of the reasons why these RM50 earphones are getting all the hype that they are getting now. These earphones sounds perfect with variety of genres from electronic music, rock to classical music. The earphones offer great clarity in high and deep tones, but, bass is not high enough to catch up with treble ends of the tones. Every Xiaomi smartphone comes with a built-in sound enhancer that supports preset optimal audio settings for different earphones. This definitely makes it easier for the average consumers to get everything set up to sound like it should with minimum fuss. Also, you can further customize the audio quality to suit your tastes with the equalizer.


Having in mind Xiaomi’s history of offering good quality products for extreme low prices, the Piston earphones are no exception. There are no earphones that offers such combination of sophisticated build while still giving great value for money. It is definitely a worth a consideration if you are looking for a new pair of earphones.
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